DIY In The Face

posted on: Thursday, August 30

We've recently moved! In an effort to re-purpose some of our furniture I (WE) decided to do a little DIY project. Chevrons are so in right now and I've been hankering for a lil' chevron action so why not paint that ole' dresser, it'll be easy, right? Oh silly Rachael, how I laugh at thee. NOPE! We somehow survived our little DIY project but after measuring out, dotting with a pencil, re-measuring, erasing, re-dotting, taping, un-taping, and taping drawer number one I (WE) were ready to give up. 

What they don't tell you in those other blogs is that the reason the top drawer is just one simple stripe across is because chevrons suck to measure out and once you hit drawer number five you just don't care anymore! Plus B was tired of holding said lamp up close so that I could see my little measurements perfectly. B, YOU are the best lamp holder ever by the way! But, I would have to say this little DIY dresser came out purty damn good.

When we went to get new knobs and B pulled out those mustaches I knew this project was well worth the frustration. A lil' compromise and we literally had DIY in the face. Get your mustaches right here cause they're kinda awesome! 


  1. Rachael, I and Dad just read your blog and love everything you both have accomplished in the past few weeks with your new place. The apartment looks great, looks comfortable and speaks to your design sense in every way. Love those mustaches! Enjoy! Lots of Love going your way.