Beijing Part I: The Wall of Greatness & Tiananmen Square

posted on: Tuesday, October 2


Beijing is incredible! We spent our first day exploring Tiananmen Square and were surprised to see the numbers of local Chinese tourists. We were lucky enough to stumble into the square as they took down the Chinese flag for the evening. It was quite the spectacle. The crowds reminded me of Soho during holiday season. We took the subway back and forth from our hotel and I was surprised at how modern and efficient it was. Despite some heavy pushing on the way in and out of the car it was the best mode of transportation in and around the city. On day two we made our way to the great wall. I felt so little up there. It was amazing and an experience I'll never forget. We spent hours walking the wall, taking in the sights, and attempting to process that we were on THE wall of greatness. Pretty amazing! We got our first real taste of the markets and rows upon rows of stand with chotchskis and good. The colors are so vibrant when everything is laid out for the picking, especially the dried fruits, so pretty! We also had the most incredible driver who ran over a pigeon and nearly died of laughter at our Swedish friend as he cringed in the front seat. To his defense, we were driving incredibly fast, passing left and right with oncoming trucks in a tiny little side street while being taught mandarin. Ni hao! HA, amazing. More to come soon!


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