Beijing Part II: Temple of Heaven and Outdoor Markets

posted on: Friday, October 12

We spent day two of our trip visiting some of the must-see sites in Beijing. The Temple of Heaven should be on your list if you are traveling to Beijing. The structure and space are so massive that it simply takes your breath away. One of my favorite parts of the temple are all of the little dragon head water spouts surrounding the structure. We were very close to pouring a bottle of water through one of the spouts to test it out but, ya know, those darned guards scared us away. The parks surrounding the temple are also simply beautiful. We had no idea how big everything was and we spent the morning wandering about, watching the elders stretch and exercise, fly kites and do tai chi. We also couldn't believe how active the elderly population was and definitely mentioned getting back to that gym routine as soon as we returned a few times! After walking the park we took a quick taxi ride to an amazing outdoor flea market. I'll have to post more pics later (there are hundreds) but the market was sprawling with stall after stall and was filled with locals selling everything from jewelry to pottery, textiles, calligraphy brushes, statues, and more. It was a dream. I could have wandered all day but after B ended up carrying a massive vase around for over an hour he was waving his white flag. So, we ventured to lunch for a little break and to rest our tired feets. Next up I'll tell you about our Pizza adventure and the Forbidden City (last two pics above are of the Forbidden City). We almost adopted said kitty. He responded very well to meow...aka...Ni Hao! More soon!


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