Blue Print Cleanse, I Said It!

posted on: Thursday, November 8

I'm not quite sure where or when I decided to try out the Blue Print Cleanse but it happened. I am a few hours away from getting back to solid foods and I honestly can't wait! I am not a big "cleanse" person, nor am I a "foody" or a vegan or any of that. I do however believe that this cleanse has truly helped my body in quite an amazing way. After a few short days I feel cleaner all around. My hair feels nice, my skin feels great, and my stomach feels fantastic...not big and groggy and full like I was feeling before I partook in this little adventure. I needed a big kick in the food-butt and decided this cleanse was the way to go. To be honest this is the easiest cleanse I've seen. You simply order and then drink 6 juices a day. They're numbered so — you really can't screw it up. I thought I would cheat and be miserable but I'm nearly done and its been SO easy! Also that last one up there...the good looking milk-shaky one...that is the best of em all and I will very likely substitute some bacon egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for this recipe from here on out!


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