Alicia Keys' Black Ball Redux

posted on: Friday, December 7

Sometimes B gets invited to cool things and sometimes I get to be his date. Last night was what I would consider  one of the coolest things to be deemed date worthy for, so I dolled it up! We attended Alicia Keys  Keep a Child Alive charity fundraiser at the Apollo Theater. The dress was black tie fly and I was feeling pretty fly but THEN we went to our seats and we got beamed way up to SUPER fly because Oprah Winfrey was sitting right in that little row of ours. Pinch me now. (And take a look at pic number 6 up there and see if you can spot OPRAH in the crowd). Yep. That's our row. We then sipped our champagne and watched Alicia Keys perform with oh, you know, just some Angelique Kidjo, Jennifer Hudson, and Bonnie Rait. That girl WAS on fire and I was two seconds away from hopping up on my chair and dancing. As we raced to beat the crowd at coat check I stood in the back of the theater and took this little video just for y'all out there. Thanks B for making me your date. I can't wait to tell our kids about this someday!


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