KEEP CALM People! Oh and, Carry On.

posted on: Friday, December 21

Today, the world is supposed to end. I would be lying if I told you I wasn't at all fascinated with the idea. I have a slight fixation with apocalyptic movies and TV shows. I Am Legend. The Day After Tomorrow. WALKING DEAD! If you look at our 'recently watched' section in Netflix you would be appalled. But, here we are. And thank goodness! I mean, I've got a lot of things I'd still like to do. I did seriously consider running to Trader Joe's last night just incase so I could indulge in one last chocolate lava cake. My priorities are clearly not questionable. At all! But, here we all are and I'm pretty happy about that because now it means that tomorrow we get to head home, drink wine, play board games, open gifts, and be with the ones that we love. Not too shabby, my friends. AND, perhaps there will be a lil' chocolate lava cake somewhere in that lineup too. 

I am very curious though about what is happening to all of these believers out there that the world really is ending? Like, the leap of faith man. Did he leap? I truly hope not. Or this guy? What do you think he's doing with his lifeboat now? Oh this silly world we live in. This world where people dress adorable little dogs up with reindeer antlers and shiny red noses. Now that is why I love this world so much. So, I for one am looking forward to watching this crazy world keep on carrying on! Cheers to that, friends. Wishing you a totally normal and happy 'oh my gosh the world is ending but actually it totally isn't' day! Image via.


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