Happy Weekend!

posted on: Friday, January 18

Happy weekend! This Friday I've got a lil' ikat for ya. Cuause, who doesn't love some ikat?! It is a long weekend and I'm pumped. Firstly because we're going to a great Mexican restaurant for dinner tonight where they have beer-garitas! Yerp. Then because all day tomorrow we have NOTHING to do! Next I'm excited because the Patriots are playing football on Sunday and its sure to be an edge-of-your-seat kinda day. Then I'm excited because I can sleep in on Monday which means I can consume as much coma-inducing football food and drink as I want on Sunday. Lastly I'm excited because we may stop by and see this show at the Moma. I say may because it really depends on how lazy I want to be. Given the cold temps this weekend I'm thinkin' pretty lazy — and I'm totally ok with that. Some links for your weekend:

Cookies JUST for 2

I love this wedding boat send-off 

Adorable feather print from Satchel & Sage

A traveling design bus. Best idea ever!


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