posted on: Tuesday, January 15

Just a quick iPhone edit {random assortment} of goings-ons lately. Of course, I have to end with a question that I would very much like a scientist to tell me the answer to — why do cats always sit right on top of those expensive electronic devices? WHY? We have been busy little bees lately with the holidays and what not. So, we're looking forward to some relaxing weekends this month. And we're booking tickets out to CA soon so I've been hard on the google searching for all things in and around the bay area. Oh what would we do without the googs? P.S. What is up with this weather? It has actually been warmer on the east coast than on the west coast. Apparently I need a solid hour in a coffee shop with a scientific genius. While I'm at it — what IS the Internet??? Well now I've really done it. I hope you've enjoyed this extremely random collection of Rachael thoughts as of late. P.P.S. How amazing were Tina and Amy at the Golden Globes?! 


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