A Feast for the Eyes and Your Belly

posted on: Monday, February 4

This weekend we had some friends over for breakfast and I made a feast. Being a designer it goes without saying that the end presentation is just as important as how the food tastes. I am by no means a cook. I've slowly learned to experiment and eyeball my measuring, and gradually I've become more comfortable in the kitchen. My greatest food trick is that it is easy to supplement things. Of course, you have to be careful but if there are flavors that you love, add em' in and don't be shy. I kept it simple with the staples — french toast, mini frittatas, bacon, and a sparse arugula salad. Our friends brought a delicious fruit salad and we topped it all off with mimosas. Wala. Breakfast is served. For the french toast I used a nice french loaf bread thinly cut and doused them in my egg and cinnamon mixture. So easy. And, for the frittatas I used this recipe. Super easy and pretty too! Cheers!


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