Happy Weekend

posted on: Friday, February 1

Happy weekend! Another week gone by. I feel like I've been so busy lately I barely have time to think about this lil' ol blog of mine. But, nonetheless I've found that keeping up this blog (even sparsely at time) allows me to stay motivated, be creative, and keep trying to inspire or find inspiration. There is SO much content out there in the land of the internet that it can seem overwhelming at times. I have to constantly remind myself to simply take a step back every once in a while and stay true to why I started this in the first place. It is so easy to get discouraged or feel like you are not adding value in some way. Browsing Pinterest and seeing the myriad of pins of perfect outfits or apartments or designs — sometimes it feels like one big competition. That being said, it can do wonders to put yourself on a Pinterest break and get back to real things that inspire and focus on honing your skills in some other manner like drawing or taking pictures. It is an interesting battle I suppose. This media-driven world that we live in with the shortest attention span EVER! No wonder we're all trying to keep up. Anywho, I'll end this week with some links to pass the time and a thought provoking question that maybe isn't so easy to answer. What inspires you every day? 

And now for some links from around the web...

A pretty February desktop calendar download.

This video CRACKED me up!

This body oil has single-handedly cured my winter blues.

Uh oh, another discount furniture site with some great finds!

One great site for printing your photos!


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