I Said Yes!

posted on: Friday, February 22

There are moments in life that I will simply never forget. When I'm old and gray and piled under layers of warm sweaters and blankets, I will remember this day as if it were yesterday. The happiest day of my life! Brian was a little trickster. We flew out to northern CA and spent the day driving the coast south to Half Moon Bay, watching the waves and surfers, eating with a view of the ocean, and sipping on cider and beer. When I thought we couldn't possibly fit in any more sight seeing, we drove north to Mt. Tam. We parked and hiked {me in my gold Sperry top-siders} slipping along the way, and Brian a step behind reassuring that we were almost there. When we reached the top we were gasping for breath and laughing at ourselves. Then we gazed at the most breathtaking view from the tippy top of this mountain. We could see the entire city of San Francisco way down below and the Pacific Ocean to our right. It felt as though we were higher than the clouds. 

And then the most amazing thing happened. Brian proposed right on the top of this mountain. It felt as though we were looking down on the world from our own private little place. I cried and blubbered yes and tackled Brian with hugs and kisses before he could even take out the ring. Of course when I saw it I cried even more. The man of my dreams is now mine. Forever. Bliss is the only way to describe the moment. My heart has never been filled with more love. 

Brian, that trickster, set up our little camera and took photos. I thought we were posing for the amazing view but he captured our moment and it makes me smile ear to ear every time I look at these pictures. 

Thank you, my love, for making me the happiest girl in the world. I cannot wait to become your wife.