posted on: Sunday, March 31

Where to start?! It has been so long since posting. The days are slipping away so quickly. Wedding planning is in full swing. And, I can just say that we're on it. Venue — check, flowers — check, food — check, decor — check. You know, the list keeps growing but when you have a slightly control-freak gal who LOVES organizing and making lists, well, need I say more? Anywho, our time in California feels like forever ago. I keep reminiscing and need to share some of our ventures. We drove down to Pacifica and Half Moon Bay to watch surfers and take in the scenic route. I was in absolute heaven. We stopped at as many surf shops along the way as B would allow and I did my best to resist buying them out. We watched surfers head out to Mavericks and held our breath as they disappeared over the break and paddled out beyond view. We saw one surfer in the far far distance riding THE biggest wave and only caught him for a quick glimpse until the closer break pushed him out of view. Amazing! My smile was wide! We grabbed lunch at THE best location. Moss Beach Distillery. I'd highly recommend this if you find yourself driving down Route 1 near Half Moon Bay. The view is simply breathtaking and the outdoor patio is the perfect spot for a casual bite with blankets and fire pits just incase you get cool. We were lucky enough to have zero fog, a perfectly clear view, and the sun shining all day long (which I was told several times is very rare!) We made our way up to Mt. Tam as seen here. (Big smiles)! We also stopped by Muir Woods and took in the amazing red wood trees. Seriously, I've never seen anything so big and beautiful. I felt so small in those woods but so full of life. I'm dying to go back. We also stopped at the Pelican Inn for a some food. We had beers and the cheese plate and felt as if we had somehow transplanted ourselves straight to Ireland! We then made our North and eventually to South Lake Tahoe where we stayed at the Basecamp Hotel and skied Heavenly Resort. If you stay in SLT you must stay here. The people, the location, the ambiance were all perfection. Right down to the little diy s'more kits that they hand out to roast marshmallows around the fireplace. I'll have more on this later because the hotel really deserves its own post with all the great pics I took of it. P.S. skiing on the West coast kicks skiing on the East coasts bottom right outta town. Seriously. The best way to describe it is that it is like flying in first class. Once you've experienced it, you NEVER want to go back to coach! Upon return from Tahoe we got in some wine tasting in Napa. Good times had by all and some hefty wine pours over at Peju. A great winery to stop in at if you are looking for ample tastings! I mean, who doesn't want more wine?! All in all a whirlwind trip. I'm ready to go back and do it all again! But, as I've said, we've been quite busy back in NYC. I've got my binder full of women wedding files and we just got our save the dates out! Next on the list is getting our registry together. I keep wondering where all these things would even go in our little one bedroom apartment. But, oh how I love this place. The way the light streams through in the mornings. It is cozy as can be! So that pretty much sums up my lately. Lately seems pretty darned good. Like warm blankets, soft kitties, weekend bagels, cuddling in the sheets and sleeping in kinda good. Mmmmm, yea that's good!


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