posted on: Wednesday, December 18

How long has it been?! This past year has been amazing in SO many ways. New apartment, marriage, honeymoon, LIFE. Who has time to blog? Clearly not me. I've missed this little blog however. Those times when I simply need a creative outlet. To create for the sake of creating! So, I'm welcoming myself back… slowly. I'm talking inchworm pace here folks. And, I'll begin with some pretty awesome things to share… like my wedding! And I'm kinda excited about that. Also travels, musings, thoughts, creations. And, while we're at it, how about a NEW look! Why not, I say. Feeling refreshed already, no? Well I'm cheers-ing to anyone who wants to cheers with coffee mug in hand. Here is to new beginnings, new creations, new adventures. 



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