Wedding Invitations

posted on: Wednesday, December 18

Here they are in all their glory — our wedding invitations. As a designer I would say this is one of the hardest 'jobs' I've ever had. Designing your own wedding invitations is no easy task. So much back and forth and second guessing yourself. This font or that font, this color or that color? At the time hubby was ready to design them himself just to get me to move onto the next task. Worth all of the angst in the end! 

I letter-pressed the main invitation myself after taking a course at the Center for Book Arts. I took the class JUST so I could letterpress items for my wedding! Call me crazy but we thought of it as an 'investment' in my skills and knowledge, which it was. Well worth the money and knowledge in my opinion. There is nothing like getting back into the studio when your day to day is computer based. Using your hands to create something is magical. It was a two color job. I designed everything, got plates made, mixed my own inks, printed, trimmed my paper. I did it ALL and besides a little mishap in the trimming department that ruined a small batch and may have caused a mini-meltdown, all went wondrously. (Insert wink emoticon here). But that feeling of truly creating something from start to finish — it's all warm and cozy and full of goodness.

I also wanted to include a little 'keepsake', if you will, for invitees. This came in the form of one discarded 40' sail (yes, it came straight from someone's boat) that we graciously accepted, quickly stuffed in our car, and never looked back. Mom, Dad, Hubby and I rolled this GIANT sail out onto the front lawn while neighbors eyed with suspicion and carefully cut it into as many simmetrical pieces as we could all whilst getting eaten ALIVE by mosquitos. This was back in June on a warm summer eve right at dusk when they all decide to come out and munch on whatever they can get. It seems I was the most delicious. BUT we got our pieces and I sent them directly to my printer to test out how the heck we were going to print on this sail-cloth. Well, we figured it out and for anyone who is dying to know, we screen printed right onto that cloth and it came out quite beautifully if I do say so (pictured above). There was definitely some finagling but I got a lot of surprised reactions when people realized we they were holding a piece of recycled sail-cloth. I added a little tag just incase people didn't realize! 

Then there is the map! I asked my super-amazingly talented Mom to illustrate a wedding map for us. How lucky we are to have an artist in the family! We discussed the layout, drew little sketches, and went over all the items we wanted to be included but you're never really quite sure what to expect. Well, she BEYOND exceeded our expectations. I mean, I knew she was talented but REALLY, Mom! She used watercolors and illustrated every little detail. I still look at those maps and smile. They are just beautiful and a keepsake that we will cherish forever! We scanned her artwork in super hi-res and added the type on top. Then we worked with our printer to get a really accurate print that represented the original artwork as closely as possible. The original artwork is now framed and hanging in our apartment!

The best part of this post is that if you or anyone you know is looking for an illustrated wedding map, you are in luck! My Mom and I are taking map orders now! For more information and pricing email us here. Please use 'wedding map' in the subject line!

Lastly, a thank you to Mikhail Glabets Photography for taking these lovely pictures! More to come soon on wedding photos!!


  1. We had a friend create some custom drink options that the bartenders served throughout the night and our designer easily collaborated with the space to address her needs.