posted on: Friday, August 29

Lately I'm feeling... settled and happy! We made the big move and have relocated back home to MA! NYC was amazing but the funny thing was, despite having resided there for ten years, I still couldn't call myself a New Yorker. We were, though, tried and true New Yorkers. We took the subway to work every day, spent weekends lounging in Central Park or on the Hudson River. We ordered out WAY too much — I mean, normal people don't eat out that much. There's NO way! We would order two bagels and have them delivered to our apartment. Yes, delivered. I'm telling you, NY does things to you. It slowly changes your expectations. You become less patient. You get a little swagger that you somehow allow yourself to have because... you're a New Yorker, man. You MADE it. Well after ten years of making it, if you are lucky enough to travel (which we have been oh so lucky) you start to see how others live their lives. Perhaps I'm just getting old but the more time I spent outside of the city, the more my heart — my whole body simply craved to be anywhere but NYC. Sure, it will always be amazing but I'm not sure it is worth the price tag anymore. Or the sacrifices. No one talks about the sacrifice that comes along with living in that city. Small spaces. I'm talking SMALL people. Big rents. Masses of people... who all want nothing to do with one another. Drinks that cost $16 and why? Does anyone ever ask WHY is this ok? You just accept it because... you live in NYC. Or you move back to MA and in with your parents (who happen to have an in-law setup and are THRILLED you are coming home!) five minutes from the beach might I add. And, why all this change? Timing is everything, isn't it. We've got a little babe on the way and a baby makes you ask the hard questions. I couldn't even begin to imagine lugging a stroller through those dirty city streets and up and down those subway stairs like I've seen so many Mamas do. Well, hats off to these women but we wanted something different for our little girl. We wanted her to have a yard to play in where she can run naked and feel the grass in between those little toes, and the sand beneath those feet. We wanted a place that felt stable and open and bright. For us, that place just wasn't the city anymore. We still don't quite know where that place is but — this feels sooooo right. Deep down in the gut right! Our first weekend back we went blueberry picking. We got four pounds of fresh blueberries! And we baked and we ate blueberries for days! There are farmers markets almost every day a short distance away. And I feel like I'm paying a fair amount for what I get, not being cheated to buy a piece of fruit for $6 just because the grocery store has an exuberant rent to pay. OH it feels nice! And the best part is that as we start to settle down, this babe gets even closer to her arrival date. Change is good. And this is just the beginning! So, cheers to change and new arrivals and all that is yet to come!


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