On Pregnancy

posted on: Thursday, October 30

Being pregnant is weird. And amazing. And it blows my mind every day that there is a little itty bitty human inside of me that we MADE! All this being said, I feel like there is a lot that they don't tell you before you get pregnant. Or, non-pregnant people just don't pay attention? Or we just didn't pay attention. But, we have a lot of friends who have had babies and there is some stuff that no one ever talked about. 

So for anyone who may be interested, here are some things I've learned about being pregnant that I wish I had known: Patience is key. 9 months is a loooong time folks. And, when you're roasting a little chicken in there you pay veeerrry close attention to the weeks as they pass by. I am not a majorly patient person so this is hard for me. I just wanna meet this little babe already! Heartburn is no joke. If you think you know what heartburn feels like, I promise YOU DO NOT know until you are pregnant what real heartburn is. Zantac is all I have to say! Women's bodies are seriously amazing! You never really know how you will show. I remember claiming I was showing early on and let's just be real, I wasn't. Once the bump came and was obvious, I was SO excited. Then it just kept coming. And then people were like OH you've popped. Then people were like oh it looks like there's a basketball in there. Then people were like wow, are you having twins ha ha ha. NO. No I'm not having twins. And, please, people — don't talk if you are going to imply that a pregnant woman is really showing now and WOW, you still have that long to go? Just don't. On this same notion, do you know how squished all those organs get. This chart blows my mind! High five women. We rule! What cravings? Maybe some people get cravings but that seems to be the number one question people ask and it gets old. And, just you wait until one more person asks you about pickles and ice cream. You'll want to smack them in the face. Not everyone craves pickles people! Baby kicks are THE best. And nudges, and hiccups, and all of that. My favorite thing about being pregnant is feeling the baby move. The best is when I'm spooning the hubby in the middle of the night and the baby kicks and HE feels it on his back and wakes up. LOVE IT! Babies are strong. On that same note, when baby gets big, those kicks are like WOW. Stop you in your tracks, yikes! Still pretty awesome, though. Doctor google is evil. We already know this but when you're pregnant, google is your biggest enemy. Call your Doctor. That's what they're there for. Birth plan? I can't even tell you how many people go nuts about this. What's your birth plan? I've read SO many stories about women who made big plans for birth and then were devastated when it didn't go according to plan. It's really made me think a lot about it and we've done our best to really educate ourselves about every option out there. In the end, I don't know what will happen, but our "plan" is to be flexible and informed. I hope that as a Mama I'm not disappointed in any way with the birth. For now I'm going into it knowing that we've surrounded ourselves with people we trust and that we're making the best decisions we can and that is the plan. I don't know how some women work out and do yoga and run and are really physically active up until the end. Seriously, kudos to those women because I'm exhausted after walking a mile! Or even a half mile. The third trimester is hard. I don't feel like myself anymore and its really difficult to do normal things, like sit on a toilet or sleep! So, be warned! Pregnancy brain is real. I forget LOTS of stuff. Unless it has to do with baby ;) I feel plain dumb sometimes. Again, not like myself. Can't wait for that to go away! Your skin and hair will be amazing. And then it'll all go away and your hair will fall out and it won't be amazing anymore. NEVER cut your hair when pregnant. Ok, you can cut it but don't chop it off. You'll regret it. I did! Biggest pregnancy regret ever. Grow while you can little hairs, grow! Nesting is real. And it feels awesome to prepare for this little one. So people, get out of the way and let a lady nest! Being pregnant is weird. It just is. Your body does crazy things. You will have the oddest conversations with your husband/partner. You will push boundaries and ask them to do things or look at things, or google things and it will be hilarious. And I'm convinced that if you can keep on laughing at the craziness of it all, you will be ok. And, in the end — this baby is going to rock your weird world more than anything else ever. Ahhh I can't wait!!!!! Counting down the days!

And, yes we got preggy pics taken because you are lucky if you are pregnant in your life maybe once or twice. You just never know and this was something we wanted to document and I'm SO happy we did. Kudos and huge thanks to our amazing photographer, Mikhail!


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