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posted on: Wednesday, January 21

Ok, folks! We've been at this for a couple of months now and I've got some thoughts on baby gear. I remember searching the web looking for those must-have items and there is a ton of advice out there... both good and bad. So I figure why not add my own unsolicited advice to this crazy inter web for whatever its worth. And, with all of my mama-to-be friends out there asking me the same questions I figure let's just do a roundup of the items I've actually found useful. These items aren't just cute things to fill the nursery... they're things we use every day — can't live without em' kinda things. And... they're not expensive. I once found a recommendation for a $200 night light. I kid you not. WHO needs to spend $200 on a night light? No one, that's who! So, here you go...

Pictured above: 
1. Solly Baby Wrap for toting your little one around. We LOVE ours!
2. Boppy newborn lounger Sydney loves hanging in her lounger and it gives mom a break when her back starts to ache!
3. Crane cool mist humidifier a must-have for dry winters, especially when you live on the east coast.
4. Newborn gift set outfit from Kickee Pants - you'll need an outfit to bring baby home in and kickee pants is the way to go. They're SOOO soft and they stretch and grow with baby! Sydney still fits in her newborn size at over two months. Get a onesie with pants (not a layette) so you can easily put baby in the car seat and buckle them in. A little on the pricier side but worth it since they last so long.
5. A wipes warmer! Yes, you need this. Wipes get cold and nothing feels better on your little one's bottom than warm wipes, especially in the middle of the night when you're trying not to wake them up during a change.
6. Honest company diapers and wipes bundle. We searched and compared and the bundle works great for us and is the right price! We also love the diaper cream, organic healing balm, and soothing bottom wash which smells sooooo good! And the bonus is that it arrives at your door every month!
7. Ergo Baby swaddle. A great swaddle for newborns. Super easy to use, especially when you're sleep deprived at 3am!
8. Diaper genie elite. No explanation needed, right?!

Also, if you are breastfeeding I highly recommend the my breast friend pillow. The name kills me but it is a back-saver, I swear! And, a great recommendation we got from our lactation consultant — introduce a bottle when they're a few weeks old for one feeding a day (have Daddy feed at night while Mama pumps) and use the playtex nurser bottles with the drop in liners. As she explained to us, this way they get used to a bottle early and the liners allow you to squeeze the air out while feeding. Less burping. We love the playtex breast like nipples (slow flow!) Sydney choked with the other nipples that we tried (and we tried a bunch) and this one worked the best for us. We use a medela breastmilk freezer bottle to squeeze the air out of the playtex nurser. It fits in the bottom perfectly! 

So, there you have it. Useful baby stuff! The men in your live will thank you for being so practical. I think my husband is rubbing off on me!


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