Our Birth Story: Sydney Sienna

posted on: Tuesday, January 13

You guys! She's here! Where to begin? Firstly I will just say that becoming a parent is simply THE most amazing thing you can imagine. I will pre-empt this post by saying that all those posts you see with beautiful Mamas holding their babes with hair combed, makeup done, looking just like they did before they became pregnant...NOT me, folks. I was quite the opposite and once that IV went in I started retaining water and blowing up like the girl in Willy Wonka who turned into a blueberry. So, that being said, I've carefully cropped my water logged self out of most of these pics. Done and done!

Onto our birth story... it was a Sunday night and baby girl was kicking her little feet in my belly like I've never felt before. She wouldn't stop moving and I was exhausted after spending ample time on my hands and knees trying to relieve the pressure. Brian was watching the football game and I was lying in bed when I felt a strange tug or pull in my belly. I jolted up and tried to explain what I had felt to Brian. He asked if he thought it was my water breaking but nothing else was happening. So I got ready for bed and was out like a light. I awoke around 4am to go to the bathroom and climbed back in bed when I felt another tug but much stronger. Then I felt it. Warm gushes and in bed nonetheless! I quickly woke Brian and told him my water broke. He sprinted to the bathroom to get me a towel and I waddled in and then we just sat there perplexed. We hadn't really prepared for my water breaking. Everyone we talked to said not to worry about it because less than 10% of women's waters break. Well there we were. We called our Doctor and they wanted us to aim to be at the hospital by around 8am, which meant we'd be in rush hour traffic heading into Boston. I hopped in the shower and miraculously got the urge to shave my legs, ya know cause all those nurses and doctors care so much. I wasn't having contractions yet so somehow this seemed like a good decision at the time. Brian ran around grabbing our bags and items for the hospital just like you'd picture it. Zooming in and out of each room while I sat and talked to my Mom. I was getting anxious because I wasn't feeling baby girl move and there was meconium in the water. I kept trying to remind myself of what I had read in all the books and all I could think of was the phrase 'meconium happens'. Just before we got in the car I felt one little kick but the quiet was unusual for our active baby. I called her my booper because of all the kicking she did. So we quickened out pace and got on our way. It was raining really hard and this only added to the traffic so an hour and a half later we made it to the hospital.

I was less anxious at the hospital since I knew we were at the best place we could be and I felt another set of kicks in the car. They admit us and hooked up monitors to measure the baby's heartbeat and my contractions which had just started. The Doctor told us we were staying put and that they wanted to start me on pitocin. I wasn't happy about it since I wanted to see how long I could go naturally and knew this would make it more difficult, but ultimately all I cared was that baby girl was safe and doing well. We were brought into our delivery room and got all set up and our doula joined us. We decided to get a doula so that we could have someone to help guide us through the delivery and our options. It was amazing having her there to answer any little question that came up! I spent the next hours laboring on a yoga ball breathing through contractions as they came with Brian hydrating and feeding me in between. I munched on peanut butter filled pretzels and at one point became ravenous. I requested Brian's parents bring us a chicken burrito for after the delivery from my favorite burrito joint which they obliged to. I also requested a grilled cheese sandwich which I didn't eat at all when push came to shove. I was handling labor fairly well but still wasn't fully dilated so I continued to labor on that blessed yoga ball for hours. I tried changing positions a couple of times but it wasn't any good and it kept setting the monitors off. Baby's heart rate had been fluctuating so they were sensitive to any movement.

At around 4pm the contractions kicked into high gear. My breathing shifted from controlled breaths to deep animal-like moans to tears and clenching. The contractions were becoming too powerful and I could no longer work through them but instead found myself fighting to hold on until they were over. Brian supported me through every single step mentally and physically. He rubbed my back and counted with me and held me up - literally - as I navigated through labor and each contraction. Watching my husband support me this way gave me the strength I needed to get through and made my heart swell ten times! Despite our best efforts I knew it was time to get some help. I had been laboring for 6 hours and finally moaned that I needed an epidural. We talked through our options between contractions and decided first to try laughing gas before moving to the epidural. The unfortunate part was that I requested it right during the nursing shift change. Despite the nursing staff being simply amazing, it took almost a half an hour for them to get it to me and the pain was becoming simply unbearable. They finally hooked it all up and I used a mask to breathe in the gas during each contraction. The nitrous oxide is supposed to relieve the pain as you breathe it in but it simply wasn't working for me. In fact, it made my breathing more difficult and I ended up focusing on the pain even more. Three contractions later and it was time for the epidural.

Brian and our doula got me through the next wave of contractions as I waited for the anesthesia team to prepare. I honestly don't recall them coming in except that I had to get off the ball and onto the bed which I wasn't happy about. I barely stood up and another contraction hit. I flung myself over Brian with a big bear hug and he held me through each contraction as I made my way to the bed for the epidural. I think I had about three more contractions during them administering the epidural and then it finally began to kick in. I slowly felt the pain ease with each contraction and slowly felt more in control. The numbness finally took over except for one little spot in my lower right abdomen that just wasn't taking for some reason. I struggled with this little spot for about 30 or so minutes before it really began to fade and then I slept. It was the best feeling in the world to be able to sleep and rest my body. It was around 7pm now and my body was beginning to exhaust. As I slept Brian went downstairs to see our family who had arrived and were in the waiting area. I slept for an hour and a half when I awoke to a flurry in the room.

The baby's heart rate had dropped drastically and the nurses came running in. This is where I will say thank goodness for our doula! As nurses ran around she let Brian and I know that this was ok, and that she thought this was a good thing. In fact, she thought it was time to have this baby and she was right! The Doctor was in the room within minutes and she checked my progress. Fully dilated and it was time to push! I cried when I received the news. I was just SO ready at this point to meet our little girl! Brian held me and I received the best pep talk from our Doctor I could have asked for. She was short and sweet and told me I had 30 minutes to get this baby out. She said I would have to push like my life depended on it and that I was going to 'poop this baby out' which made me laugh. I told everyone I didn't know if I could push at all. I couldn't feel anything with the epidural and I felt completely blind. How was I supposed to push or even know how I was pushing if I couldn't feel anything. The Doctor reassured me that they would guide me through everything and that I just had to try as hard as I could. So we started.

Brian and our doula held one leg as a nurse held my other and with each contraction Brian counted down from ten, three times. I was instructed to take a deep breath before each push, count down to ten and take another deep breath. I would do this three times in a row through each contraction and then would wait for the next one to come. A got ready for the first contraction and when it was time I bore down hard! Brian counted me through and I pushed with all my might not knowing what would happen, if anything at all. As I pushed everyone cheered me on with astonishment as they began to see her head with the first push! I guess it was working. I felt like a champion — a tired champion but I was just so excited that it was working! In between contractions I had oxygen and got little pep talks from my amazing husband. I pushed through two more contractions and her head crowned. Brian and I got to reach down and feel the top of her head. I'll never forget how soft and warm and squishy it was. It was so motivating to see that little head and know I was moments from seeing my girl! I prepared for the next contraction and the Doctor said that this would have to be the biggest push I would do. As we all waited for the next contraction I was fully prepared and ready to push. I was full of adrenaline and the sheer excitement at seeing her... finally. As I took a breath and got ready to push the Doctor yelled STOP, don't push! I stopped perplexed and I heard Brian say she's coming Rach! Everyone in the room watched as our baby girl slowly came right out, no push needed. The contraction did all the work and suddenly she was here!

She was placed immediately on my chest and I laughed and cried all at the same time as I held her warm and wet body against mine. Sydney Sienna was here and she is ours and the love that poured out of me in that moment simply can't be described. I was overwhelmed with emotion and almost couldn't believe that she was here. As she got cleaned up and measured and weighed she waved to us from the scale. Everyone laughed and I looked up at Brian who was holding me and we cried together at the sheer amazingness of what had just happened. Within moments she was back on my chest all wrapped up and cozy. I delivered the placenta without pushing as well only minutes later. And just like that, the flurry of people who had entered the room left and our doula helped me breastfeed my baby girl for the first time. Sydney latched right on without hesitation and she nursed for almost 45 minutes! We stared at her in awe the entire time. She is simply perfection in every single way. Our families got to come up and meet her and you could see the love pour out of them at the sight of her. I've never felt so much love in one room before.

After our families left we were brought to the room we would stay in for the next few days. And then there were three. It was just Sydney, Brian, and I. We nursed, we kissed and we napped and we held each other. Perfection in every way and the most amazing experience. You spend so much time during your pregnancy thinking about this moment but until you are in it, you just can't quite understand. I get teary eyed just writing this post! As my blog has slowed down I do hope to write when I get moments here and there because now there is a little girl to document things for. I'm going to wrap this up for now cause this little babe who is sleeping on my chest is going to wake up any minute now. I love you Sydney!


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