posted on: Saturday, May 16

This isn't really fair to say lately, cause it's been what, months? Yep! As of this Sunday we will have a 6-month-old! WHAT?! I seriously cannot believe it. How did this happen? And, what's new? Well for one thing we have grown - a lot! Sydney is 15 pounds and over 25" long. She's still teeny in comparison to 'other babies' but all that milk is doin it's thang! We're still breastfeeding. Now it is every 4 hours instead of 3 which is life altering. We also eat solids now. Well, mushed up blended solids watered down with breastmilk. But, we eat sweet potato, rice, peas, apples, and butternut squash! I make it all. SO easy! Perhaps a separate post on that soon. We grab our toes a lot! And sometimes we eat them. We can sit up (kind of). With the help of pillows and my legs, our little lady can be propped very well. Her core is SOLID (unlike mine) and she reaches and balances pretty darn good if I do say so. I've heard from other parents out there that this whole sitting thing is a huge milestone. Sweet! We sleep (kind of) way less than we used to. Apparently we've gone backwards in that department. More on sleep training, or rather 'organized chaos' as hubby like to put it, later. Oh and we're almost done with our house renovation. Yep, we bought a house and then decided to do a major renovation...with a baby...while we're living with my parents (which I seriously suggest everyone do if/when having a baby and/or doing a house reno!) So in summary life is LIFE. Boring normal stuff and insanely amazing stuff like watching Syd raise her arms up in the air and mimic you when you say 'SO BIG', which may be totally boring to everyone else but to us it is the most exciting thing in the world. So lately, things have been pretty darn good.


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