A Date With My Little Lady

posted on: Sunday, July 26

There are some days that are unplanned and spontaneous and that end up being the best days! I'm lucky that I get a few days a week to myself with our little lady juuust the two of us (singing in my head now) but it really is the best. We woke up the other morning to whitecaps on the horizon from our living room so I thought it would be fun to head over to the beach and check out the surf. We packed up and set out for a well known surf spot to see what we could find. It was one of those summery days that are cool enough for a sweater but warm in the sun! And it didn't disappoint. We bunkered down in the trunk of our car with a sea breeze while I fed Syd and then took a stroll along the beach and watched the waves and kiddies play. I mostly watched Sydney watching everyone else taking it all in and wondering the whole time what is she thinking?! She has so much curiosity in those baby blues and it is really something to see her experience this world. Dates are fun!


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