Baby You're A Firework

posted on: Tuesday, July 7

It is only appropriate to do a proper photo-dump of our July 4th shenanigans. (No idea on the spelling  so moving on!) Since we have a 7 MONTH OLD! WHAT?!? I seriously munch on those thighs every single day. And those cheeks and tootsies and I'm a serial baby head smeller. I just can't help myself. This 4th was one of those great holidays that was just lots of fun spent with family and friends. Nothing crazy but perfect nonetheless. It basically went like this... coffee, food, beach, pool, sleep, food, drink, sleep, repeat. Perfection. PERFECTION! Now back to baby smelling and such.

Our week started out with early morning walk on an empty beach.

Followed by everyone in town at the beach on a hot and beautiful summer day. The kind you see in movies. Syd had her first run in with sand and loved it. She kept squishing it in her fingers and toes and it was one of those "I don't want to forget this" moments.

The morning of the 4th was overcast and we walked an empty beach again and got a rare photo of the our little family of three! Then we ate... lots and hosted the first dinner in our new home. Lobster! Then we watched fireworks and drank and laughed. 

Then we went to the pool, cause what else would we do? Sydney was a little water bug. I was such a proud Mama as she kicked around and splashed and laughed. The best part is that we have the rest of the week to do it all again! P.S. I feel so lucky that we live so close to family so we can share all of these moments together. My heart is feeling very full! 


  1. It’s a great holiday. How charming the pictures are! It’s Really very beautiful.