Last-minute Kids Halloween Costume for under $10 – Scuba Diver DIY

posted on: Friday, October 30

It's Halloween!! Also known as the time to spend a ridiculous amount of money on costumes and candy and decorations and all the fall-related items that mark this great holiday! Hello pumpkin lattes! This is our first Halloween with Sydney and I knew I wanted her to be a scuba diver since she was in my belly. As the end of October grew nearer I did myself a quick google how-to and came up with nothing. SO, here you go google... a Scuba Diver DIY Halloween costume for under $10! Also, did I mention this involves NO sewing! Cause who has time for that?! Scroll for the deets!

I didn't realize how popular this costume would be until we went to the local library halloween parade and BOOM, my little lady was literally surrounded by all the kids and adults admiring her costume. I was a proud Mama and Syd was very confused as to what the heck we were doing surrounded by all these crazy people dressed in weird costumes. Highly entertaining. Notice the look of "what the ****". Moving on...

For supplies I went to Michael's and got everything there. I purchased 3 pieces of foam paper for 99 cents each, so $3 total, and a package of pipe cleaners for $2. I had a bunch of foam left over so you probably only need two! I purchased a package of sticky velcro for $2.99. We're at $8 total, people! Winning! The rest of the supplies we had lying around the house. Keep reading to see how I put it all together.

The goggles we had. She only keeps them on half the time! I mean, she's 11 months so I'll allow it ;) You could also probably cut some goggles out of foam paper or get some of the cheapo safety goggles at a home improvement store. The flippers I cut out of the foam paper. I used her moccasins and measured the circle opening of the shoe to get the right diameter then cut a slit in the back and adhered velcro. I tucked the flippers right under the frilly part of her moccs to keep them in place. If you're using sneakers you could place a small piece of velcro on the toe to keep them from moving. 

For the oxygen tank and mouth piece my Dad spray painted a soda bottle. I took two strips of foam paper and taped them on then braided the pipe cleaners to get the correct length and wrapped them in duct tape to make the tube part. I wrapped the end around a teether pacifier that we had. The duct tape was an added safety measure cause she still puts everything in her mouth and the pipe cleaners do have a sharp end. Then I taped the other end to the bottle. I also cut a little foam belt out and used velcro to attach it around her waist. 

The black pants and long sleeve shirt we already had. We purchased them at Kohl's on sale for $7, by the way. (You could also use a hooded sweatshirt and pull the hood up! Or find any dark or grey colored clothing that you already have! To attach the "oxygen tank" I simply took three strips of the velcro and attached one side to the bottle and the other to her t-shirt. DONE and DONE! This would also make for a super easy adult costume. Added bonus... it's warm! And since we're on the east coast we'll be layering some clothing underneath her costume. 

  • foam paper
  • pipe cleaners
  • duct tape
  • sticky velcro
Outfit details:
  • black shirt/leggings
  • goggles
  • shoes

And what did we do with the leftover foam paper, you ask? Evil laugh...


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