Weekend Escape

posted on: Tuesday, October 13

Oh, hey there blogging world. Been a while. Nothing like a proper haven't seen ya in a while photo dump. But, you know – life just happens and honestly with a regular job and a baby and a house who has time for blogging except bloggers who get paid to blog and conveniently have husbands who are professional photographers... Am I right?! YES people, that is how it happens. Normal blog-folk (is that a thing?) post randomly when they have a free moment (at 2am) when the baby wakes up (wink wink). Moving on... the news is we got away for a WHOLE day sans baby. Grandparents I'm giving you a virtual HAIL because, you rock! I really do think Grandparents are around to keep the parents sane and give them a break JUST when they really need it most. 

We escaped for an absolutely wonderful day trip to Newport, RI for our wedding anniversary. It is beautiful! And close. And feels like a mini-vacation when visiting. There are mansion. And picturesque views. And beaches. And FOOD. And shopping. Everything you could possibly need on a day-cation. We started with lunch at the Castle Hill Inn. Gorgeous views and de-lish! We then ventured to the Cliff Walk where we did our obligatory jumping photos. We have them all over the world and it is SUPER fun to watch people watching you make a fool of yourself when you can only jump a measly foot in the air. Then we toured the Marble House. I'm now slightly obsessed with Mrs. Vanderbilt. Who wouldn't LOVE to go back in time and have a cup of tea or a shot of whisky with her?! Fascinating stuff and a house of marble that is just wow. After our mansion tour we head into the center of town and did some shopping. We mostly bought cute things for Sydney cause that's just what happens. BUT we did come across Shore Soap Company and HOLY amazing. If you have a thing for soaps like I do this is a must-see. And if you really wanna know the mermaid kisses scent is just perfect. I wanted to buy it in every form it comes in but we settled for a candle and the shower wash. For dinner we hit up Diego's cause Mexican food is a must pretty much anywhere I go. I drank a whole margarita before the ice melted. Superb. 

The best part of our trip though was coming home to our little one tucked in bed and then waking up the next morning to her sweet face! Bah! Absence makes the heart grow stronger. 


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