Life Just Ordinary

posted on: Wednesday, February 10

THIS is the pond by my parents house the day after the blizzard. Not ordinary at all. Holy wow. We were up bright and early and this was the view bestowed upon our lucky eyes that morning... for about 3 seconds before the little started grunting because we had stopped. Babies do that. (Right?) Well, you might have noticed a name change around here. There's a story. I'll try to keep it short and sweet. Recently I had some photos of me and the little taken without permission and re-posted on an Instagram account that was, I suppose pretty innocent... pics of moms and their kids... but they were re-posted with weird comments like "My sweetie girl" and "Baby so cute" and then tagged with a million hashtags. None of the images were this persons for the taking and they definitely didn't ask to use them. Other people whose images were also taken were asking for them not to be copied and to be taken down. When I asked for them to be removed they weren't. It just felt weird and like a violation. So I took action with Instagram and got them removed from the account. But it got me thinking. There are some MAJOR weirdos out there. CREPPY, awful people who are sick and demented and how am I supposed to protect my child??? So my Instagram went private, I removed anyone following me that I didn't "know" and that was it. I made the decision from here out to be more selective about what I share of my little girl. It's an interesting dialog really. There's a whole generation that will have images shared of them before they have any opinion about it. How would I have felt if my parents shared a thousand photos of me that were documented on the internet for all of eternity? I have NO idea. I really can't say. Will it just be accepted that this is normal now? I'm doing my best to be aware of the decisions we're making with our daughter and how they may affect her moving forward. In summary, all of this triggered a change. I decided to re-name the blog and sort of do a start over if you will. Images with Syd will be farther and fewer between, not showing her face close up, or we'll be in them with her... but she won't be featured so to speak, which is a little sad because she's SO DAMN CUTE!!! Family and friends will still get a full onslaught of Syd photos on my private account so RELAX Uncle J. You'll still get your daily fix. The funniest part is that I don't actually think anyone reads my blog besides family and friends (and some people in Russia according to my google stats) shout out to Russia! I know I'm no Beyonce here but I still feel an obligation to protect my baby, ya know?! So, welcome to LIFE just ordinary.

The above image is a true representation of our ordinary little life. She's wearing a stormtrooper mask so it's totally ok. I'm still trying to figure this whole thing out BUT deleting the blog was really hard. I thought about it a lot. Despite the fact that there may be no one reading, I guess it's served as a little diary for me and despite the fact that I'm not posting as much as I used to I couldn't let it go just yet. So, here you'll find a snippet of our life... ordinary to most but completely, overwhelmingly extraordinary to us!


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