The Big Apple

posted on: Saturday, March 5

Sometimes its hard to believe we're not New Yorkers anymore. Bri and I spent ten plus years living in NYC before we made the move back to the burbs. There are parts I miss (FOOD!) and parts I don't (SUBWAY!) but it will always have a special place in my heart. Luckily we get to visit fairly often and we hope to make it a habit since we've got family and friends there. 

Syd hasn't been since she was pretty small so she was ALL ABOUT IT! We got an amazing 1BR suite at the Hotel Beacon on the Upper West Side (right near our old apartment) so it was nostalgic being in our old hood. Every morning we would wake up and look out the window and listen to Syd try to say all the words she was seeing. "Biiiiiii, Doooggy, Buuuu, Aaaa pwane". You definitely need a translator but the words are coming non-stop. It's SO amazing when she just repeats something she's never said before out of the blue. Heart eyes over here!

We were up bright and early every day because someone didn't want to miss the action. WE GOT ALL THE ACTION! 

The whole fam was in town but it was exciting getting to see Auntie Mel and Uncle J since they don't live 5 minutes down the street from us! Want some fashion advice? Head over to Mel's blog... you won't be disappointed! Coolest Auntie ever!

While Bri worked we went to the Museum of Natural History with Uncle J. Syd really put the size of those dino's in perspective! She couldn't quite figure out why the animals weren't moving but would run up to all the cats and go MEOOOOWWWW. 

We also took a ferry ride over to Hoboken to visit a friend and attend their Music for Aardvarks class. We have Music Together around us, which we love... this was very similar but honestly way more fun! They incorporated instruments and the vibe was just more exciting. Just look at the website and it says it all! I'm wishing we had one locally. If you're in the city check it out! We had amazing weather so spent a lot of time in Central Park at the toddler playground on 69th. And we made sure to hit up Levain Bakery on the way back to the hotel cuz, when in NYC. Until next time!


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