Anthropologie is in the Hood

posted on: Wednesday, July 27

YOU GUYS! Since moving to the suburbs from NYC there are a few things I miss. Mostly I miss food. The variety. Ordering Thai on demand. Or bagels to be delivered. It's shameful I know. But OH MAN I miss the food! I ALSO miss window shopping! The days where I'd head down to Soho on a whim and take in the storefronts and displays and just browse! I can shop locally but I loathe malls. Ewe! They're awful!!!!! I avoid them like the plague but have learned that when you have a toddler in either the dead of winter or melting summer a mall is actually a great place to kill some time. But, locally you'll find me at the Hingham Derby Street Shops if I need something or just want to browse. It's a lovely outdoor plaza with a collection of upscale shops and there's a Whole Foods and Barnes and Noble so it's a win win on the I can actually get items I need here and toddler front. Kids can run  walk around B&N and browse books. And if I'm lucky I can look at the titles as my little angel runs by the shelves at full speed. 

But today we are here to discuss the latest addition to the Derby shops... Anthropologie! YEAAAAS! Not that I can really afford you but I love you! Who doesn't? You're beautiful and full of gorgeous little numbers and trinkets to the heart's desire. So when I got a personal invite to attend the GRAND opening (ok it was a mom-related invite that probably went out to everyone on the South Shore) I immediately responded and told the hubby he was putting the babe to sleep that night. 

I tried on a few things despite the bump. Dress details are below. Both were lovely and extremely comfortable even with the bump! I try to minimize maternity clothing purchases to just the basics so I can wear things again when I'm no longer HUGE. These two dresses were great and I ended up purchasing the second one cause... SALE! Am I right?! Also can we just talk about the dressing room detail with my name by the door. It's the little things that make me smile. So if you're craving something to satiate that suburb appetite for shopping head to Anthro and enjoy!

Dress 2: Halter Maxi Dress on sale now!


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