Bump to Baby - A Photoshoot

posted on: Thursday, February 9

I am FINALLY getting around to posting our baby photos! Or posting at all, really but Brayden is here and we've just gotten into a little routine so, here you go! When I was pregnant with Brayden I pretty much begged my husband to do a photoshoot with Renee Walston Photography. She is local to us and her photos are absolutely dreamy. I came across her images via an old friend on Facebook and I swooned over her work for months! I talked about it enough that I think I finally talked my husband's ear off and he agreed that this would be a worthwhile investment since this could be (gasp) the last time I am pregnant. I'm telling you right now, I KNOW I will get baby fever again but we're pretty certain that we'll be a family of four. So it was important to us to capture this fleeting time! Renee brought us to the most beautiful location on a balmy evening back in September to capture my ever-growing bump. It was such a fun night. We had a little picnic with Sydney and it felt like we were in a wooded fairytale. Sydney was so good and when we got the images back I cried. Pregnancy hormones aside they were just stunning. When Brayden was born we brought him into Renee's studio and she worked her magic again. I still don't know how she posed him so perfectly and capturing he and Sydney together, my Mama heart just about explodes every time I look through the images. 


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