On the Farm

posted on: Tuesday, February 28

A little over a week ago, during a snow day, we decided to head to our favorite farm to visit our favorite friends Maggie, Kathy and Princess. Actually we just met them that day BUT we'll take any excuse to get out of the house these days. Hornstra Farms is local to us and we LOVE them! Not just for the fresh, local and delicious milk, eggs and bread we get delivered to our home — but also for the farm store, ice cream and cows, of course. We particularly love visiting the baby cows in the barn and in the summer you'll find us getting ice cream at the stand. But if you're looking for a fun way to kick those winter blues and get out of the house we highly recommend a stop in. And if you haven't heard about their delivery service check it out! When we want to treat ourselves we get the chocolate milk (a-ma-zing!) and the cinnamon loaf bread. So gooooood!


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