The Only Two Kids Cups You'll Ever Need

posted on: Wednesday, April 12

Anyone else's cabinets look like this? We have too much shit. Why? How? We have a handful of kid's bowls, plates, spoons and forks. Nothing amazing there to talk about BUT we have collected almost every kid's cup out there. And NONE of them were great. How did this happen, you ask? Sydney looooooved her bottle. She was a year old and I tried really hard to transition her from a bottle to a cup. Everyone told me it was time. This is where the collection began. I just kept buying new cups to see if she would like one better than the other. I figured maybe one would seem more like her bottle and she'd love it and that would be that. NOPE. So we ended up accidentally reviewing every kid's cup out there and I've narrowed it down to TWO. You only need TWO cups! Your wallet can thank me later. 

My criteria: Spill-proof, I wanted an option for a spout AND a straw to put her beloved smoothies in, and I hate cups with lots of little parts that need to be put together and then go missing.
Sydney's criteria: Pink. That's it. Had we purchased one cup and given it to her and just cold-turkey'd the bottle that's likely the cup she would have used. DONE and DONE. (Mom face smack, first child syndrome?) Something like that. 

Fast forward a year later and a cabinet FULL of unused cups, here are the ones that don't work and why we don't like them, short and simple. Zoli - seemed like a great option but the straw doesn't clean well and milk comes out the top! Nuk - the nipple part breaks when the kids chew on it (which they do) and it spills. Tommee Tippee - Syd had a hard time getting liquids out of this one and the parts were odd for cleaning. Munchkin trainer/sippy - milk and liquids come out the top and the straw and parts required too much assembly every time they needed cleaning. Nuby - exact same problem. Pura - simply didn't work. Every time Syd drank the nipple part would get stuck and she couldn't get more out. Aaaaand the winners are...

Boon snug fit cups! Hands down favorite cup option on the market. The straw option is great for just about anything but specifically smoothies! SUPER easy cleanup. The straws are durable (as you can see in the pic our straw is squished because Syd bites them but they've all held up great considering). If this cup gets knocked over, obviously things can spill out of the straw portion but we've never had a problem. And if you want juices/milk etc. just slip on the snug spout. This will not spill! I've walked into our living room many times to find Syd's juice knocked over on the floor and we've never had a spill. 

Munchkin miracle 360. It's awesome! As mentioned above I'm not a big fan of their other cups but this one makes up for it. It never spills. Ever. Kids can drink from any side around the entire cup. It's super easy to clean. Kids do have to be a little older for this cup. It took Syd a little while to get the hang of it but once she did it became our go-to. 

So there you have it. This post is not sponsored. Just straight up Mom to Mom - don't waste your money talk. There's a lot more where this came from. Should I do a wipes post? We've tried them all too! Feel free to reach out with any questions but these are the only cups we use. Now please excuse me while I go throw away all the other ones and clean out the cabinet! Cheers!


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