Essential Oil Whipped Sugar Lip Scrub DIY

posted on: Tuesday, October 16

One of my favorite parts of using essential oils is the ability to DIY SO many things. Today I'm bringing you a sugar lip scrub that I re-created from my absolute favorite lip scrub ever, but now a safe, all-natural version. I'll be gifting these to friends and loved ones. Hello stocking stuffers! 

What you'll need:

1T Kukui Nut Oil (if you have nut allergies leave this out)
1T Jojoba Oil (use 2T if you leave out the Kukui Oil)
2t Vanilla Extract
3-4T Sugar depending on consistency desired
1t honey (also optional)
8-12 drops of Essential Oils (mixed to your preference)

For oils, I opted for Orange, Grapefruit and Bergamot in my recipe. You can also try adding peppermint to soothe sore lips. I used oils from Young Living's Vitality line which are safe to ingest! In this recipe the shea butter leaves your lips moisturized while the kukui oil soothes and replenishes dry skin. 

Mix all ingredients together. It will feel light and fluffy when done. I added mine to these cute 1oz glass jars. These would work great as well!


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